Healthy Eating at School

Our curriculum includes learning about a healthy diet.  In our current curriculum review, it has been identified as an area to be increased as we develop our Coxhoe Curriculum - bespoke to the needs of our community. It is promoted through different aspects of school life and we seek opportunities to enhance this in and out of school.

We are very proud to share that we achieved the Enhanced Healthy Schools Award.  Our School Council are working hard this year to research ways to enjoy a healthy diet and promote them across school. 

School Meals

School meals are cooked on the premises. 

Our pupils are really enjoy 'home-cooked hot food' at lunchtime however they can still bring a packed lunch but we do ask for notice of a least 2 weeks if pupils are going to change from one to the other.

If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals (criteria on top of form FSM1) please print and complete appendix 1 and return to school. If you need any help, please contact School Reception. 

Please click here to view the FREE school meals application form. FSM Application form April 2020.pdf


Each day the children have a choice of 3 menus (specified by Chartwells) which operate on the following 3 week cycle.  They order their lunch online at morning register. They are encouraged to try new things but leave something if they dislike it.

NOTE - Bread, fresh fruit, a salad bar and water/fruit infused water are available every day. The menu is sometimes subject to change depending on deliveries.

We also offer a daily vegetarian choice and through consultation can cater for pupils who require specific diets e.g. those with nut allergies.  Please inform the school office if your child is diagnosed with any dietary requirements and they will advise you on the required information/forms to be completed. 

The newest menus can be found on the right hand side.

Packed lunches 

Children can choose to bring a packed lunch to school.  We do encourage children to bring a balanced, healthy packed lunch - guidelines have been created with the help of our school nurse and the school council.

Snack Time

Children in Key Stage 1 are offered free fruit every morning as part of a government initiative. 

We encourage children in Key Stage 2 to bring fruit as a morning break-time snack.

All children are welcome to bring other healthy snacks in for morning break-time. The school council are currently working with the school nurse and Taylor Shaw to put together a helpful leaflet with lots of different suggestions.  

Chocolate, crisps and sweets are not allowed as a snack. 

Ever wonder what your child has had for dinner? Can they not remember? Check out the menus below to find out for yourself.

Lunch Menu starting November 2023


New menu starting 17/04/2023


Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars wrap around care will be open for Reception to Year 6 children.  Shooting Stars will be held in the hall. There will be snacks and drinks on offer before and after school including cereal, toast, crumpets, yogurts, cheese, veg sticks, milk and fruit. 

Packed Lunch and Snacks in School Guidelines