Digital Leaders 

What are the Digital Leaders?

We are a group of children who have a passion for technology. We share our knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school! Working with Miss Rodgers, we meet weekly to learn new knowledge and digital skills and discuss how we can share these with other children. 

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What are we currently doing?


Exploring the new Microbits!

2023 - 2024


Times Tables Machine

The children have coded a times tables machine using Microbits! When you press button A, it generates a number from 1-12. When you press button B, it generates a different number. When you shake the Microbit, it multiplies the numbers together!

Pass a Duck

In this week's session, we looked at how we can code our Microbits to pass a duck from one to the other using radio strings. We are loving becoming experts in the new Microbits!



Green Screens

We have been exploring the use of green screens so that Miss Rodgers can incorporate this into the Video Production unit. We are going to be planning and delivering a green screen experience to some children in the younger years!


Matilda Programs

We have been designing and creating the programs for our school production - Matilda. You can find a picture of the front cover below!

Sky Up

We have been exploring resources provided by Sky for video creation. We are giving our feedback to Miss Rodgers about what we like and don't like so she can incorporate it into the curriculum!

Publishing Poems

We are exploring and evaluating different software to use for publishing our very own poems!

Making iPads More Accessible! 

We have been updating all of our iPads within the school with a text-to-speech function. This enables iPads to read text aloud for people who need support. 

Chrome Books

We have been exploring our new school devices - Chromebooks. We were extremely excited by the software it has on and helped Miss Rodgers test out some new software for a Pop Art lesson!