Cooper our Therapy Dog


We are very excited to introduce you to a member of our Coxhoe Primary School family.

Cooper is a Golden Retriever and was born on 14th January 2020.

He has successfully completed his specialist therapy training with 'Pets as Therapy' and is now a registered therapy dog.

Please read our School Dog Policy to see our reasons for having a therapy dog as well as frequently asked questions:

School Dog Policy 2023

Cooper's role in school

During his time in school, Cooper has a number of supporting roles that keep him busy!

Supporting on the morning gate:

Cooper is on the school gate each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to say good morning and to help any children that maybe struggling to get into school. He is readily available for tummy tickles and ear scratches as well as helping you to feel school ready.


Reading and Pastoral Support:

As we're sure lots of you know, Cooper loves to relax. Listening to you read and being part of your pastoral groups is the perfect opportunity for him to lie back and drift off to sleep as he listens to all of the important things that you have to say.Of course, cuddles are welcomed too!


Movement breaks:

Spending time outside is one of Cooper's favourite things to do! He loves playing with you as part of your movement breaks, particularly playing chase and fetch. He is still working on bringing the ball back every time! Luckily lots of children are willing to spend time training him too!


Baby Cooper:

Let's take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some baby Cooper photographs from way back when he first joined us in 2020!