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Summer Term

Crazy Computing Collages

The children used their computing skills and iPad apps to create some truly unique collages by mixing images of themselves.

Malala's Magic Pencil

I was so impressed with how much the children learned from the example set by Malala Yousafzai. They wrote some amazing articles about her campaign for education for girls and even created their own posters.

Forces and Magnets

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learned about magnetism and magnetic materials. They have shown some fantastic investigation skills.

Circus Skills

We don't spend all day "clowning" around in Walliams Class. We "juggle' lots of different activities and walk the "tightrope" between serious learning and lots of fun!

Segedunum Visit

Our children had a wonderful team immersing themselves in Roman culture at the fort of Segedunum. They added to their already impressive knowledge and had a wonderful time.

Potting Bed Project 2023

The children in Walliams Class had lots of fun learning about how to grown and maintain plants and vegetables in our very own potting bed.

Spring Term

St Cuthbert and Lindisfarne

If there is one thing we love in Walliams Class its acting and drama. We brought the story of St Cuthbert to life with our own mini plays based on the stories of one of the North East's most famous saints.

Marvellous Map Work

The children have really  been enjoying this term's topic of Europe and have been testing their map skills by locating different areas of our continent.

Circuit Building - Science

We have been testing our knowledge of electricity by building some exciting circuits.

Rockstars and Robots!

We all had an amazing day celebrating our times tables and maths skills in Walliams class by dressing as rock stars and robots. The children really loved sharing their love for numbers!

Class Museum

Thank you to everyone who attended our Walliams Class Museum. We hoped you enjoyed our exhibits as much as we did presenting them.

Autumn Term

Forest School - Campfire Cooking

This week, to end our three week block of forest school, we lit the campfire and learned all about how to stay safe around a fire. 

We also used the fire to make some delicious treats and had a feast together. 

We roasted marshmallows, kneeling by the fire in pairs, using the respect position, before sandwiching the toasted marshmallows between biscuits and chocolate buttons. 

I have been extremely impressed with the whole of Walliams class’ behaviour, knowledge and dedication throughout their three weeks. Well done! 

Forest School

Walliams class started their block of forest school this week. All the children were very excited and they all behaved really well, listening carefully to all of the safety talks and learning about the importance of preserving and looking after our local environment. 

We read the story "The Room on the Broom" which was very fitting as it was Halloween week. 

We made our own broomsticks using the natural materials outdoors and our newly learned knot skills. 

The children all enjoyed getting muddy too, making their own magic potions and explaining their "powers" to the rest of the class. We had some that would turn their friends into the animal they best resembled and another that would turn the characters from the story into humans so that they could be friends forever. 

The children are all very much looking forward to next week's session.

Harvest Festival

We all enjoyed learning and performing our Harvest Festival song, Pop Go The Peas!


Year 3 Recorder 

Our amazing Year 3s have been practising their recorder playing. We are so proud of how fast the are progressing!

Stone Age Research

We have used our investigation and research skills to find out interesting facts about the Stone Age.

Building Muscles!

We used our D&T plus our science skills to build working models of the muscles in our arms.

How Our Skeletons Work!

We have been investigating the different bones that make up our skeletons and how they help to support our bodies.

Outdoor Maths - Place Value

We have been using our outdoor spaces to partition four digit numbers and build on our understanding of place value!

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Character Profiles

We used our "Role on the Wall" method to talk about our different characteristics and personalities.

Our New Class Book - UG

The children have been exploring how to make a pair of trousers using gathered materials, just like our story's main character.

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