Our attendance lead is Mrs O'Sullivan with the support of Mrs Taylor and Miss Topping. If you have any concerns regarding your child's attendance, please get in touch with Mrs O'Sullivan either via the school email or via the office. 

The DfE classes 'Good' attendance as >96%

You can support regular school attendance by:

  • Making sure your child leaves for school early enough to arrive at school on time
  • Supporting and encouraging your child by attending parent’s evenings and other events
  • Contacting the school to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s attendance
  • Working in partnership with us to resolve any issues that are impacting on your child’s attendance
  • Making any medical appointments outside of school hours whenever possible
  • Not taking your child out of school for holidays in term time or for other unnecessary reasons

Click on the link below for our Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy 2023

Rewarding good attendance:

Each week the class with the highest percentage attendance overall gets 5 minutes extra playtime and 10 whole class dojos. All other classes over 96% also get 10 whole class dojos. We like to see as many classes as possible over 96%. Our highest so far is 9 out of 12 classes!

FactsheetPenaltyNotices.pdf .pdf
Holidaysintermtime leaflet.pdf .pdf

Working together to improve school attendance

The document below is the parent part from the government document all schools base their attendance policies on. It provides key information about parental responsibilities.