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Administrators: Mrs Taylor,  Miss Topping & Miss Turner 

Our School Office Staff are here to help you, however here are a few items that may be useful to parents and carers.

Medication Forms 

Medication from home to be given in school such as antibiotics, creams, eyedrops, inhaler (not diagnosed asthma)

Please ensure this medication is handed to a member of staff and inform a staff member that the medication form has been completed online. - MEDICATION IN SCHOOL

School held medicines (We now keep paracetamol, antihistamine, bite cream, Epi Pens and emergency inhalers in school) School-Held Medication- Whole school form to complete

Diagnosed asthma form to complete- DIAGNOSED ASTHMA FORM

School Meals

From April 2024 school meal prices are £2.81 a day. 

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 currently receive free school meals paid through the universal free school meals scheme. The Government review this annually.

Please take a look at our healthy eating in school page for menus and more information.

If your child has a special diet you must complete a Chartwells special diet request form and attach a letter from a doctor/dietician to confirm the special diet, Chartwells will then plan an individual menu for your child. In the meantime we ask your child has packed lunch.

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Please find guides here School Gateway - Parent Support page

Medical changes September 2023

Durham County Council have recently reviewed policies relating to Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions in School. The new policy can be found on our school website. Some of the key changes include:

  • We can give medicines such as antibiotics that are prescribed 3 times per day if needed; this needs to be prescribed and labelled with the child's name. Medication forms still need to be completed at Reception. Please complete this form for us to be able to administer medicine to children in school.   MEDICATION IN SCHOOL
  • If a child has been prescribed any new medication that they have never taken before,  then the first dose must be given at home and the child kept at home and monitored for 2 hours in case of any allergic reactions. 
  • We now keep paracetamol, antihistamine, bite cream, Epi Pens and emergency inhalers in school. There is a form attached to complete to give consent for us to administer the above. For paracetamol, antihistamine and bite cream we will contact you prior to this being given. Whole school to complete this for September 2023 School-Held Medication- Whole school form to complete
  • All children with diagnosed Asthma require an asthma plan written by their GP or Asthma nurse. If your child has had an inhaler prescribed but is not diagnosed as asthmatic, no matter whether they use it regularly or not, you will need to go back to your child's GP for further advice. Forms must still be completed. DIAGNOSED ASTHMA FORM (if your child has an inhaler not diagnosed e.g. just for a cough please complete the medication in school form)
  • It is suggested that pupils who walk to school in Years 5 and 6 carry a spare inhaler in their bag to and from school in case needed during this time.
  • We can also now administer certain medications which are not prescribed and can be bought over the counter. EG: eye drops, antihistamine, pain relief, certain creams. All of these need to be discussed with the school office to ensure they are appropriate to be given at school and medication forms still need to be completed. Medication form MEDICATION IN SCHOOL
  • If your child has diagnosed asthma the form is now online DIAGNOSED ASTHMA FORM